7 Safest Places to Visit in Africa in 2023

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Adventure-seeking tourists have a lot to enjoy when they visit the world’s second-largest continent. Every place in Africa offers something unique hence, choosing a country to visit within the continent can be pretty confusing.


In this post, we’ll provide you with a list of the most recent statistics on the 7 safest places to visit in Africa in 2023:

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Safest Places to Visit in Africa

7 Safest Places to Visit in Africa

Since safety is the most crucial factor to consider while organizing your safari trip to any African country destination, knowing whether a country is safe or unsafe is essential in your decision-making.


#1. Mauritius

safest places to visit in Africa - Mauritius

Mauritius is the safest country to visit in Africa, coming in at number 28 on the 2021 Global Peace Index. This peaceful African nation ranks better than Italy (32) and the United Kingdom (33). It is safe to travel to this jaw-droopingly fantastic island in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is generally a very low-risk tourist destination because of its relatively low crime rate.


#2. Botswana

safest places to visit in Africa - Botswana

Tourists that visit Botswana can rest assured that they won’t encounter any crime because it is one of the few countries in Africa without it. The zebra migration, Chobe National Park, and Okavango Delta, which takes place from December to March, are just a few of Botswana’s tourist destinations that are secure and safe.

With so many safaris available to take you on numerous national excursions, particularly in the wilderness, you will find nature at its best and a rich cultural past that makes the country a desirable and safe travel destination.


#3. Zambia

safest places to visit in Africa

Zambia is well known as the heart of Africa and is a very peaceful nation. Tourists are welcomed warmly by the populaces, and the country’s political stability is also good. You can travel to Zambia any time of the year and take in the cultural richness, gorgeous scenery, diverse wildlife, and outdoor activities available there.

#4. Ghana

safest places to visit in Africa

Ghana is ranked the second-most peaceful nation in Africa and one of the safest countries to travel to. Ghana, also known as “Africa for beginners,” is recommended for first-time travelers to Africa because of its excellent friendliness and safety, ranking number 38 on the Global Peace Index. Ghanaians are renowned for being helpful, friendly, laid-back, and living on “African time.”

Ghana, a country in West Africa, is peaceful and has a low crime rate. The United Kingdom government estimates that 90,000 British citizens travel to Ghana annually, noting that “most visits are trouble-free” despite Ghana’s continued high crime rate.


#5. Tanzania

safest places to visit in Africa

Tanzania is one of the 7 safest nations in Africa to visit in 2023, ranking 58 on the Global Peace Index. This country is the hotspot for an African Safari at the moment. Tanzania offers the most diverse experiences in Africa. From Wildlife and bird watching in the Ngorongoro to Safaris in the Serengeti to Treks in the Kilimanjaro Mountains to relaxing beach vacations in the Zanzibar Archipelago, this country has it all.

When it comes to safety, Tanzania is considered safe. The country had close to 1.8 million tourists visiting the country in 2022, and very few of the tourists reported any crime.

In addition, Tanzania is a less expensive safari destination than most other countries on this list.

#6. Senegal

safest places to visit in Africa

Senegal, located on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast, is well-known throughout Africa and the world for its warm hospitality and rigorous security. Senegal has many attractions that travelers can fearlessly indulge in since these places are not riddled with crime.

The African Renaissance Monument, the Great Mosque of Touba, and Lake Reare among the best spots tourists can visit in Senegal without being concerned about crime. In the town of Casamance, where tourists can relax and unwind, the pink lake of Senegal is another excellent destination.

#7. The Gambia

safest places to visit in Africa

Tourism in The Republic of The Gambia is thriving, and it’s easy to figure out why. The Gambia is known for its sunny beaches, hospitality, and diverse wildlife. The affordable safari tours give tourists a unique opportunity to observe hyenas, leopards, monkeys, crocodiles, hippos, and rare birds in their natural habitats. World-renowned Kotu Beach is the best place to unwind after a long day exploring the Gambian capital, Banjul.


These countries are a testament that not all Africa is riddled with crime. These countries remain unexplored by the international community mainly due to inherent misconceptions but are a haven for adventure-seeking tourists worldwide.


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