List of Scholarships in Austria for International Students 2023/24

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Many college students are looking for Austria Scholarships. So, we’ve put together a list of 500 Scholarships in Austria 2023 for international students to attend the best universities in Austria. The scholarships will give the winner an average monthly stipend of $2,500, free housing, free tuition, money for travel, and health insurance.


The Austria Scholarships can be applied for by people from any country or any part of the world. You can study at some of the best universities in the world, like Abertay University, The Oesterreichische Nationalbank, TU Wien, Webster Vienna Private University, Marcus Oldham College, and many more.

We’re happy to encourage you to apply for the Austrian Scholarships 2023. For international students, this is one of the best chances they could have. Please read the whole article if you want to know everything about the scholarships.

Scholarships in Austria for International Students

Criteria for Getting a Scholarship in Austria

For a person to be eligible, he or she must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must have been accepted into a master’s program at WU and have a letter of offer.
  2. Those who want to apply must have been accepted into the program by JAM.
  3. A citizen of one of the OSCE’s participating states or Partners for Co-operation?
  4. Between 22 and 32 when you submitted your application?
  5. Eager to work on conflict prevention and resolution, arms control, non-proliferation, and disarmament, with a focus on OSCE-relevant instruments?
  6. Interested in sharing new ideas, growing your network, and learning about how to advance your career in those areas?
  7. At least three universities from at least three Erasmus+ Programme Countries must take part.
  8. Physical stay: at least five days and no more than thirty, with at least 15 mobile students or learning participants.
  9. Virtual component/virtual collaboration of all participants (COIL)
  10. At least 3 ECTS credits are needed for both parts.

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List of Scholarships for International Students in Austria for 2023/24

If you’re an international student looking to study in Austria, here is a list of scholarships that you may be eligible for:


#1. Austria’s University of Vienna Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes 2023 Scholarship:

The Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes are ways for students to learn and teach together. They combine virtual learning with short-term travel.

Using the example of three universities that are taking part:

  1. There is one HEI that organises/receives and two that send. When BIPs happen regularly, these roles can also change.
  2. Students from the HEI that is receiving the students can take part in a BIP, but they do not count toward the minimum number of students who must take part.
  3. For the BIP, the HEIs sign an Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement with each other.
  4. University of Vienna, Austria, Degree At the University of Vienna, you can take programs at the Graduate, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate levels through the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes 2023.

#2. WU Executive Academy Vienna, Austria Global Executive MBA | Scholarships for Female Leaders in 2023

Scholarship: All women who want to get an MBA are encouraged to apply!

Global Executive MBA | The WU Executive Academy is giving out scholarships for the class of 2022-2023 to women who are leaders in their fields. Global Executive MBA | Scholarships for Female Leaders 2022–2023 are now available at the WU Executive Academy for both international and U.S. students who can show they need the money.

The scholarships for the next class at WU Executive Academy have been made public. People around the world think that WU Executive Academy is one of the best schools. The WU Executive Academy was started in 1999 and is now based in Vienna, Austria.


Every year, WU Executive Academy gives this scholarship to new students as a way to say hello. Global Executive MBA | Scholarships for Female Leaders 2022–2023 will give selected students access to new and better opportunities, and they will be able to learn more in postgraduate programs.

Keep reading to find out about WU Executive Academy’s acceptance rate, GPA requirements, eligibility and selection criteria, and other useful information.

MBA-level programs are available at WU Executive Academy in Vienna, Austria.

Subjects You can study: The following subjects can be studied with this scholarship.

All Subjects

Benefits of scholarships:

Scholarships based on need of up to 25% each

#3. The One World Scholarship (OWS) 2022/2023 will be given by the Afro-Asian Institute in Salzburg, Austria.

Students from developing countries who go to college in Salzburg or Tyrol can take part in the One-World Scholarship Program.

This scholarship is being offered by the Afro-Asian Institute in Salzburg to help people from different countries live together in peace by improving equal opportunities, dialogue, intercultural knowledge, and partnerships.

The goal of the One World Scholarship Program is to help students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is given to students who have come to Austria on their own to finish their education and who are interested in issues of development. Students who choose to study abroad will also have to show that they are confident, creative, and able to move around.

During their time in Austria, students will learn new skills and get better at things.

Degree Level: The One World Scholarship (OWS) 2022/2023 is offered by the Afro-Asiatisches Institut in Salzburg, Austria. It can be used to take Master’s or PhD programs at Austrian universities.

Subjects You can study: The following subjects can be studied with this scholarship.

All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits: The One World Scholarship Program gives a partial scholarship to Master’s and PhD students at public universities or universities of applied sciences in Salzburg and Tyrol. At the Master level, students get 500 € per month, and at the PhD level, they get 550 € per semester.

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#4. UNODA Peace and Security Scholarship: Training on Disarmament and Arms Control in Vienna, Austria

Scholarship The fifth annual Scholarship for Peace and Security is being held this year by the OSCE and UNODA. This is a full training program that focuses on “Conflict prevention and resolution through arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation.”

The OSCE and UNODA are working hard to make security and peace more inclusive and fair for both men and women. The main goal of the training program is to get young people involved in preventing conflicts by giving them a new way of thinking about how to control weapons.

The scholarship works to give everyone the same chances by giving women more power to take part in planning, making policies, and putting them into action. This is an 8-week online course with one week of training in Austria.

#5. Degree Level: 2022 OSCE 

UNODA Scholarship for Peace and Security: Training on Arms Control and Disarmament in Vienna, Austria is available for Postgraduate level programs.

Available Subjects:

Training on how to control and get rid of weapons

Benefits of scholarships:

8 weeks online and 1 week in-person training 

#6. JAM Scholarships for international students (Non-EU Citizen)

Scholarship Information: Non-EU students can apply for the JAM International Student Scholarship (Non-EU citizen). The scholarship lets students at Jam Music Lab University take Bachelor’s and Master’s level music classes. The scholarship deadline is Varies.

Degree Level: The JAM International Student Scholarship is for non-EU citizens who want to study at Jam Music Lab University at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level.

Available Subjects: You can study the following subjects with this scholarship program.


Scholarship Benefits: If you are chosen, JAM Music Lab will give you EUR 3,250 per semester for two semesters in order to pay for your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

#7. Austria Mondi International Awards at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Scholarship Description: International students can apply for Austria Mondi international awards at Vienna University of Economics and Business. The scholarship lets the student take classes at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in the field of English Taught Master Programs at WU. The deadline for the scholarship was July 12, 2021, which has passed.

Degree Level: Austria Mondi international awards at Vienna University of Economics and Business are given to people who want to do Master’s level programs there.

Subjects You can study: The following subjects can be studied with this scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits: The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) will pay for the selected students’ English-taught master’s program for as long as the course lasts every year.

Nationalities Eligible: Students from other countries are eligible.


There are a number of scholarships available for international students studying in Austria. These scholarships can help cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other associated costs.


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