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Shoott Review: Is Shoott legit? The Truth Exposed In 2022


Shoott Review
Shoott Review
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Are you looking for a Shoott review? Do you want to know if Shoott is legit or if Shoott is a scam? Read this article to know if the Shoott photography is worth it.


    • No upfront payment is needed.
    • Professional photographers at an affordable price.
    • Booking is free you only pay for the photos you like.
    • Easy to access local photographers if you’re new to the area.
    • Photographers show up at the appointed time.
    • You can easily cancel or reschedule your booking with no penalty.
    • You can book back-to-back or multiple sessions.
    • They have a 4.9-star rating.


  • Poor customer care, but perfect photographers.
  • You can only contact them via email.
  • They do not offer refunds of purchased photos


If you are the type that visits online forums, you would see a lot of people asking for Shoott reviews on Reddit. This is to tell you that you are not the only one looking for Shoott review.

Ever since Shoott became a household name when it comes to photography and photographers through social media ads, many people who stumbled on the brand tend to search for the query “Is Shoott legit?”

Well in this article, we will discuss Shoott Review, Shoott photographer reviews, Shoott photo review, and also Shoott photography review in general. We will also provide the answer to your question about “Is Shoott legit?”

To avoid wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

What is Shoott And How does it work

The first thing to know in this Shoott Review is what Shoot is and how it works.

Shoott is a website where you can book local photographers in your city online. The company is based in New York City but operates anywhere in the United States.

Shoott was launched in the summer of 2018 in NYC and has since expanded to other cities in the United State, running hundreds of thousands of photoshoots per week.

Founded by Jennifer Tsay , Jennifer Yeh, and Kat Tchernavskikh who are the executive founding team at Shoott.com, Shoott is a high-quality photoshoot without the high prices. You can book the best photographers in your city for a professional photoshoot at a very affordable price.

With Shoott, you get to book risk-free and view your gallery before making a purchase because they have the confidence that their photographers have the ability to deliver.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to pay anything upfront, this means that booking is free.

How it works is Shoott set up something like a day-long session in various locations and then they book lots of 30 minutes mini shoots within that time period with various photographers.

You don’t have to pay anything upfront but you do have to provide credit card information in case of a no-show or extremely late cancellation there is a penalty for that.

You will also see a temporary pre-authorization charge to make sure you have the funds to cover a late fee or last-minute cancellation fee for your session.

This hold or charge is never collected and is instantly released if you end up not liking any of your photos! This information is stated on the booking form when you entered your credit card info.

They had to institute this pre-authorization out of protection for their photographers. and this is very understandable because they do want to protect their photographers from getting hosed and it totally makes sense.

However, If you want a different location from the one listed on their website, Shoott offers affordable custom sessions where you can tell them a location of your choice,  date, and time.

So you book the photoshoot, you show up at the location and then you get 30 minutes with a photographer. You have the chance to do whatever you want and take as many pictures as possible during the photoshoot.

Then after the photoshoot is over, a few days later, like three to five business days based on our experience, you get a photo gallery, and then at that point, you can choose to purchase any of your photos.

You don’t have to purchase any photo you don’t like even if it means not purchasing any of your photos at all. And there’s no money upfront so technically it could cost you nothing out of your pocket if you do the photoshoot and then end up not wanting to buy any of the photos.

The photos are $30 each but then things get cheaper the more photos you buy. The pricing information is of course subject to change.

At the moment of writing this article, the pricing goes like this:

  •  $30 for Individual Photos
  • Package of 10 photos and more are $15 each
  • Full Gallery of 40 Photos and more cost a flat rate of $295

Is Shoott Legit Or a Scam?

After knowing what is Shoott and how it works, including their pricing, the next thing to know in this Shoott Review is the answers to the question “Is Shoott legit or a scam?”

Since Shoott mission is to dramatically reduce the upfront cost, effort, and time it takes to find a trusted local photographer at a friendly price, which sounds too good to be real, many still ask the question “Is Shoott Legit?”

Actually, Shoott is a legit company that can help you book a professional photographer in your area at a very affordable price.

In this Shoott Review, We have done a lot of research to drive the conclusion that Shoott is legit.

First, we read a lot of Shoott reviews and ratings from the company’s existing customers on different websites on the internet and find out that Shoott has an overall 4.9-star rating, which is almost a five-star rating.

We also read about their customer’s complaints and satisfaction and then saw that the ratio of satisfied customers is huge compared to unsatisfied customers and these unsatisfied customers boil down to their poor customer care service.

We also watched a lot of Shoott reviews from social media users and YouTubers talking about their experience working with Shoott.

We made sure the videos were not paid adverts from YouTubers who have much following. We went for videos from ordinary people, videos that do not look professionally made because this is where we can find honest expressions of how good or bad Shoott photography is.

After discovering that their previous customers were satisfied working with them, we decided to try them out ourselves, to see if we can get a different experience for our own Shoott Review.

Based on our experience which we summarized in the Pro and Con headings above, you could see that Shoottt is a very legit business that can help you hire a professional photographer at an affordable price.

The only obvious downside is that they have poor customer care service and you can only communicate with them via email.

If these two major cons are something you don’t worry about, booking Shoott photographers is an amazing experience you need to try when looking for a professional photographer in your area at a friendly price.

Is Shoott safe and reliable?

After getting answers to the query “Is Shoott legit?” the next thing you need to know on this Shoott Review is whether Shoott is safe and reliable.

Shoott provides certain trade guarantees and secure payment methods to protect your transactions.  It also has protocols to make sure photographers are legally registered and allows you to report a photographer whom you suspect of fraud.

They rigorously make a careful and critical examination of photographer applicants for technical skills, experience, and personality so you can book a session with complete peace of mind.

With that said, the platform cannot guarantee the ability (legal or otherwise) of their photographer to take certain shots that will please you.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risks of a photographer not satisfying you with the kind of photos you would like and we will discuss that in this Shoott review.

Actually, the mistake most people make is that they don’t check out their photographer’s previous work to know if the kind of angles and shots that have satisfied their previous clients is what they would like, so they end up concluding that they got unprofessional photographers.

Since Shoott doesn’t have control over the kind of shots you would like from a Photographer, to get the best out of your photographer, it is recommendable to check out your photographer beforehand.

Two or three days before the appointed day of the shoot, request for previous works of your photographer to check out if the photographer can be able to accomplish the kind of shots you want.

If you don’t like the photographer’s previous work with other clients, you can actually cancel your booking with no penalty.

You are allowed to cancel or reschedule at any time up to 10:00 am two days before your session. After this time, canceling or rescheduling your session will attract a minimum penalty fee of $40 to cover your photographer’s time and forfeiture of other paid gigs.

If you do not show up for your session or you cancel after 8 pm the day before your session, you would pay a penalty fee of $75.

But if you like the Photographer’s previous work, then be rest assured you will get the best out of Shoott.

One good thing about Shoott is that you can book the same photographer in the future if you choose to work with him or her again.

How to book a Shoott photographer

After knowing how safe Shoot is, the next thing to know in this Shoott Review is how to book a Shoott photographer.

Follow the steps below to book Shoott photographers:

1. First, click to visit the shoott.com website and then enter your city at the upper menu to choose events.

Select location
Select location

2. Then scroll down and select an event, which depends on the date you want. So in this case we are going to select San Clemente which has three days available.

Select event
Select event
3. After selecting your chosen event and clicking on “Book Now”, it shows you what the event looks like, where the location is at, the reviews of that event, where to select your desired date, meeting point, weather policy, cancelation, and lateness and other things.
Book now
Book now
4. From there it shows you all the available time you can choose from. Then a form where you enter in all your personal information, including your payment details.
Enter personal information
Enter personal information

5. After filling out your details, you will then click on the “Book Me In” button to activate your booking.

You will get a confirmation email and other necessary information regarding your booking, such as what to expect, how to prepare, tips & tricks, and many other things.

You will continue to receive emails that are important to your photoshoot including a reminder.

Two to three days before the shoot, you will also receive a text message from your photographer, just reaching out to make sure everything is good to go and that you are prepared.

That’s a great time to let your photographer know the purpose of the photoshoot and as we mentioned earlier in this Shoott review, this is also the time to request the photos of your photographer’s previous works to know if the photographer can deliver what you want to achieve from the shoot.


The above article is Shoott Review, it also answers your question on the query “Is Shoott legit?” and we hope the information on this page will help you make a proper decision on whether to book Shoott photographers or not.

Well, for our humble recommendation, If you are considering booking Shoott, we advise you to go for it because you truly have nothing to lose except 30 minutes of your time if you end up not liking any picture.

If you have already booked Shoott photographer, share your experience with others in the comment.

Thank you for having time to read Shoott review to the end!! To get more of our reviews, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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