Appalachian Excellence Scholarship Requirements, Application And Deadline

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Appalachian State University is a public university in Boone that was established in 1899. According to the EduRank Ranking, Appalachian State University is the top 911 institution worldwide.


Here, we’ll examine the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship, one of the partially financed foreign Bachelor’s degree scholarships offered by Appalachian State University.

According to need and academic performance, Appalachian provides more than $4 million scholarships to students each year and accepts hundreds of students into competitive educational programs. Appalachian students exhibit exceptional academic and leadership skills.

Your professors will push you to master new leadership techniques, increase your ability for divergent thought, support critical thinking, and help you identify your passion through study and performance. You must apply for admission by November 1st to be considered, and by November 15, you must also finish all additional application requirements and submit a scholarship application.

Appalachian Excellence Scholarship

Appalachian Excellence Scholarship Requirements & Eligibility

You must fulfil BOTH the requirements for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship AND the criteria for admission to Appalachian State University to qualify for the scholarship.

You must also satisfy the following Appalachian Excellence Scholarship eligibility conditions and meet the admission standards. Candidates must have a strong academic record.


Please visit the eligibility page for detailed information on the requirements to be eligible for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship.

Students who want to be considered for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship must:

  • Be an eligible foreign national or U.S. citizen
  • Reside in North Carolina
  • Have a high school GPA of at least 3.5 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Earn a 27 on the ACT or 1200 on the SAT (math and critical reading).
  • Come out of high school in the top 10% of your class.
  • Be a first-year student at Appalachian State University enrolled full-time.

Qualifications for admission to Appalachian State University

To qualify for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship, you must complete the requirements for admission to Appalachian State University and apply. Please visit the Appalachian State University Admissions Section for information on admissions eligibility requirements.

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Appalachian Excellence Scholarship Application

The Appalachian Excellence Scholarship gives a merit-based reward to students who have excelled academically. The scholarship has a $5,000 annual value and is extendable for four years.


Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must:

  • Be a resident or citizen of the United States
  • Live in an Appalachian county in one of the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia.
  • Possess a high school cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.
  • Enroll full-time in the fall semester after high school graduation in a two- or four-year approved college or university.

Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must send in the following:

  • A filled-out online application form.
  • A high school transcript that shows a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A 500-word maximum personal essay outlines their career aspirations and how the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship would help them accomplish them.

Please visit the Appalachian State University Admissions Section if you want information regarding the application deadline for the Bachelor’s program at Appalachian State University. Because there is no separate application for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship, there is no different deadline for any scholarship.

You can learn more from the video below:

Appalachian Excellence Scholarship  Award Amount And Duration

The Appalachian Excellence Scholarship awards a maximum of $80,000 in funding to be distributed during a student’s first four years of undergraduate study. If the winner keeps their cumulative grade point average at or above 2.5, they will be eligible to continue their scholarship for up to four additional years.

It is not assured that this scholarship will be renewed after the first year, and to be eligible for renewal, a few more requirements must be satisfied. Additionally, the student must maintain satisfactory conduct, complete a minimum of one activity related to campus or community service each semester, and complete a total of 24 credit hours over each academic year.

Impact Of The Appalachian Excellence Scholarship

Students from the Appalachian region enrolling in a degree program at Appalachian State University are eligible to apply for the Appalachian Excellence Grant. This need-based scholarship provides financial support to recipients. Students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance, academic excellence, and leadership potential are eligible for the scholarship.

Many students from the Appalachian region have benefited from the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship in a way that’s been beneficial to their life. The scholarship has allowed its winners to concentrate on their studies and realize their academic ambitions because it has contributed to the reduction of the cost of tuition and other connected expenses. In addition, beneficiaries of the scholarship have had the chance to improve their leadership skills and become active in various extracurricular activities available on campus as a result of receiving the award.

At Appalachian State University, the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship has substantially affected the overall quality of the educational experience that students get there. The scholarship has attracted exceptionally gifted individuals from the Appalachian region who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school at a college or university. In addition, the scholarship has assisted in the development of a campus community that is more diverse and welcoming to all.

Appalachian Excellence Scholarship Deadline

Students from the Appalachian region who achieve academically, take leadership roles in their communities, and serve others are eligible for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship, a merit- and need-based award. The scholarship awards a maximum of $5,000 per academic year for a total of $20,000 over four years of undergraduate study.

March 1 is the cutoff date for applications for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship.

The Appalachian Excellence Scholarships (AES) are given to first-year students who have excelled academically and have a great track record overall. Students who complete the requirements by the specified dates will automatically be considered for this one-time award.


Any student interested in advancing their education should take advantage of the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship that is now being offered. Not only does the program provide financial assistance to participants, but it also ensures that students have access to high-quality resources and mentorships that can assist them in accomplishing their educational objectives. All individuals who submit an application and meet the requirements for the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship will be able to make use of and benefit from this opportunity one-of-a-kind opportunity, which will make it possible for them to attend college.


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