10 Best Training and Assessment Courses Online In Australia

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Finding the right training and assessments courses online in Australia can be worrisome, and perhaps there are a lot of these courses online but it’s not certain if a user will get value from them. 


Becoming a workplace trainer and assessor is a booming industry in the world right now. Many professionals are taking advantage of available programs to become trained and industry-certified trainers and assessors who help other individuals become better at different skill sets.

Training and assessment are about transferring your skills and knowledge garnered in your field or area of specialization in a clear, concise, and consistent manner. This ensures that students receive a high level of education and are ready to thrive in whatever role they’re being trained for.

Trainers and assessors can be found in various work environments ranging from the health sector to human resources, schools, aged care centers, and corporate and vocational training facilities.

The importance of becoming a trainer or assessor cannot be over-emphasized; a training and assessment specialist is most times responsible for training another on how to use complex tools or even, in some cases, heavy machinery, which can be dangerous to such an individual if he is not well trained or assessed.

Completing a training and assessment course will equip you as a fully qualified trainer capable of assessing the competencies of professionals in diverse settings. An assessor’s job could be determining an individual’s suitability to work with certain vulnerable groups.

Another might be charged with providing corporate workplace assessments on individual IT literacy and competency. Afterward, the assessor proceeds to train and assess the employees before providing the company board with a result indicating how different employees fared during the training.

This is a little or no wonder when you see trainers and assessors have multiple industry qualifications, such as a certificate in training and assessment or a diploma in training and assessment!
If you’re a natural teacher or enjoy helping others, becoming a trainer or assessor can be your right career path. This article will provide you with the ten best training and assessment courses online in Australia to help you achieve your dreams of becoming certified and registered trainers and assessors.

Training and Assessment Courses Online

Certification Cadre in Australia:

First, you need to understand the certification cadre in Australia and how that affects the programs you will be enrolling for. Certificate I-II provides the holder with fundamental vocational skills and knowledge. On the other hand, Certificates III-IV was introduced to replace the system of trade certificates and provide its holder with a more advanced level of skill and knowledge.

Generally, a Certificate IV is accepted by universities as the equivalent of a six to twelve months bachelor’s degree. This means that universities grant credit towards such certificates.

Steps to choose the right course:
• Ensure you possess a good grasp of your current skill set and knowledge;
• Endeavor to adapt and stay up to date with new and emerging technologies;
• Ensure you enroll with nationally recognized institutions of learning or training centers.
• Always be ready to learn; never forget that a good trainer never stops learning.

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10 Best Training And Assessment Courses Online In Australia

The Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is Australia’s largest vocational and training center, and they provide these courses in partnership with other registered training organizations.

Here’s a list of the best Registered Training Organizations and their areas of vocational expertise.
Now a quick look at the ten best training and assessment courses online in Australia.


1. Plenty Training’s TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This course is designed and offered by Plenty Training, an outfit recognized and reputed as a training provider specializing in delivering quality TAE pieces of training.
The course is designed to train and assess you and, at completion, enables you to deliver training and assessment in a Registered Training Organization (RTO) or TAFE.
You can coach and mentor staff, work as an enterprise trainer, and conduct workplace assessments and skill audits.

2. Australian Institute of Management’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This Certificate IV training is also offered by the Australian Institute of Management and is designed to upskill tomorrow’s trainers efficiently. AIM is the nation’s leading provider of corporate training and yearly engages in developing the professional skills of over 25,000 Australians.
The course has been specially designed for professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of developing and assessing the skills of other employees in any corporate organization.

3. St John Ambulance Australia’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

]This program is designed by St John Ambulance and intended for professionals interested in first aid trainer positions. Successful completion of this program will provide its participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver and assess nationally accredited courses and other workplace training programs.


4. St John Ambulance Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Upgrade

They are also designed by St John Ambulance for professionals who intend to get back into the assessment of nationally accredited courses after receiving the other certificate. This upgraded program allows professionals to continue to deliver and carry out workplace training programs.

5. FIT college’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The FIT college specially designs them to cater to professionals in the fitness sector. The course boasts a rich curriculum to ensure graduates are knowledgeable and motivated to promote healthy lifestyles. At the end of this course, participants can confidently deliver nationally acclaimed training in the VET sector.

6. The Gordon Institute’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Gordon Institute is acclaimed as one of the very first Australian TAFEs to deliver the new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
The institution prides itself on delivering a broad range of nationally accredited training and assessment courses. This means that you can take advantage of their broad list of available online VET courses to gain required certifications in the area of your interest and skill.

7. Pinnacle Safety and Training online TAE program

Pinnacle Safety and Training, a recognized RTO in Australia, designed this course. Professionals and participants must demonstrate the required skills and experience in the different vocations they seek to instruct and assess others.

8. iLearn Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course has been designed by iLearn to train you with the understanding that you are a future trainer of other individuals within your vocation. Under this course, participants are trained to educate themselves while learning to educate others. This course further helps professionals from different walks of life realize a student’s potential and, in turn, understand how best to offer them the best training and assessment experience.

9. The Swinburne University of Technology Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Swinburne University of Technology designed this program to gain in-depth knowledge of vocational education. In this training, you are presented with real-world contexts that, in turn, help you integrate into your current role or organization. Professionals such as subject matter experts planning to offer their training skills in workplaces or with RTO are encouraged to use this program well.

10. Forsythes Training Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

This Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is designed and offered by Forsythes Training to help professionals become efficient and adept in the role of training and assessment of employees and organizations in the vocational education and training (VET) sector.
Successful completion of this course will provide participants with all the required skills to conduct training and assessment professionally.

•  TAE40116 Certificate IV
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Training and Assessment Courses 2023.


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