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Trait Sniper Review: Is Trait Sniper legit? Truth Exposed


Trait Sniper Review
Trait Sniper Review
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In this Trait Sniper Review, you will know the pros and cons of the Trait Sniper tool, you will also get answers to the question ” is Trait Sniper legit? or is trait sniper safe?” After reading this article, you will conclude if the Trait sniper extension is worth it.


  • You can snipe NFTs faster.
  • Usable for trait digging.
  • Best for seeing underpriced new NFT projects.
  • Great to see Rarity and the ranking of NFTs.
  • It has a very active & extremely helpful Discord channel.
  • It offers both free and paid plans.
  • Gives instant notification of newly revealed NFT.
  • With the extension, you check ranks right on OpenSea.


  • This NFT tool has only been launched recently.
  • You only get a fast response if you contact them through discord.

What is Trait Sniper

The first thing to know in this Trait Sniper Review is Trait Sniper’s meaning and how it works.

Trait Sniper is an NFT tool that claims to help you access rarity rankings right after a project is revealed. This tool is one of the many unpopular NFT tools that can be used for sniffing new NFT projects.

The major benefit of this NFT tool, as the name implies, is to snipe underpriced NFTs.

With clutter-free features, Trait Sniper centers on analyzing current and upcoming NFT projects and sniffing NFT metadata for a good investment potential on the basis of their rarity score.

The Trait Sniper performs this analysis with a bot that has over 95% accuracy, and within a short period of thirty seconds to two minutes.

This NFT tool has both free and paid versions with a different degree of monitoring access.

For instance, with the paid version of Trait Sniper, you can get instant notification of newly revealed NFT collections as well as their rarity score, while the free version of Trait Sniper takes an hour or more to notify you of newly revealed NFT collections.

Trait Sniper Features

  • Easily keep track of all NFTcollections floor prices.
  • Access to the ranking of all NFT collections.
  • Easily snipe rare NFT listing right on the activity page.
  • Quickly calculate your OpenSea portfolio.
  • Quickly sharing profit from flipping.
  • Buying with customizable gas to make sure you are the 1st.

Is Trait Sniper Legit Or Fake?

Now comes one of the major questions of discussion “Is Trait Sniper legit?” After knowing what Trait Sniper is, including its features, the next thing to know in this Trait Sniper Review is the answers to the question “Is trait Sniper legit or a scam?”

Trait Sniper claims to help users access rarity rankings right after a project is revealed by allowing you to see NFT traits, ranks, floor price, and price of all NFT collections you are on.

The prices of Trait Sniper paid plans are very affordable compared to other apps of its kind. Due to the fact that it also has a free plan that gives great results and value, which is kinda too good to be real, in addition to the fact that the NFT tool is just making waves recently, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Is Trait Sniper Legit Or Fake?”

Because of these doubts, Trait Sniper usually adds data on their website once you click on the “launch app” without requesting or forcing users to sign up in other to access it.

trait sniper without account
trait sniper without an account

Even with this great data, we are often asked if Trait Sniper is legit or real and also is Trait Sniper extension safe.

Well, beyond the data, plus our real-time experience of the Trait Sniper NFT tool, the quick answer to the question is that the Trait Sniper extension and app are legit, safe, real, and reliable.

To come up with this conclusion, we did a lot of research on the Trait Sniper NFT tool. At first, we researched to know and understand what Trait Sniper’s existing customers are saying about the tool.

Since Trait Sniper’s website has no customer review section, we performed this research by looking into social media platforms and other online platforms to see what customers are saying about the NFT tool.

After our research, we discovered that Trait Sniper has massive positive reviews and ratings from a lot of users online and on social media platforms.

We also discovered that a lot of NFT investors, YouTubers, and influencers reviewed the Trait Sniper tool after using both the paid and free versions of the tool. The review from these NFT investors, YouTubers, and influencers are very positive and this is a great signal that Trait Sniper is legit.

After discovering that their existing users are satisfied with how this NFT tool works, we decided to try them out ourselves, to see if we can get a different experience for our own Trait Sniper Review.

As a matter of fact, we bought a paid subscription of Trait Sniper to know if the tool is actually legit as they claim, you know how companies fake internet reviews these days.

Based on our experience, Trait Sniper is a very legit NFT tool and trait sniper extension is safe

The Trait Sniper website itself is very well organized, easily navigable, and contains all the necessary features and information a user may need to judge if Trait Sniper is safe or not.

Trait Sniper Review

After getting answers to the question “is trait sniper safe? or is Trait Sniper legit? the next thing is to jump into Trait sniper review.

After our experience and research, we can tell you that Trait Sniper is a great tool for beginners who just jumped into the NFT market to make money. It is also helpful for pro NFT investors to determine an NFT value.

While there are other such NFT tools that perform the same task, Trait Sniper seems to be the fastest one in getting new collections online and displaying an NFT’s rankings.

Trait Sniper gives you access to their Ultimate rarity trading platform, with a lot of functions to make your journey in the NFT market easier, from trading to sniping. With this tool, you can gain an edge over other users in the market.

The amount of value offered in the free version of Trait Sniper NFT is incredible in its own right. If you have the paid plan, you will get the data available in real-time; while users with the free version of Trait Sniper get data delayed for 30 minutes.

With their paid subscribers, you can also be able to bypass OpenSea’s checkout popup window to make purchases, which makes your NFT snipe even faster.

Their Discord channel is very active, and that is where you can purchase their paid plan and also report bugs or make a custom request for your desired NFT projects to be analyzed, and the founders of Trait Sniper will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, their Discord server is a nice place to expand your knowledge about NFT sniping. This is because other NFT snipers usually share their profit screenshots, including the strategies they used in achieving those profits.

With the daily disposal of the above information on Trait sniper’s Discord server, you can learn so much from the strategies of other users, and through their profit, you can sense the amount of profit you can make.

There are also other features that Trait Sniper has that are focused on putting you in the best position to snipe the best deals such as a daily calendar, reveal alerts, and many more.

With Trait Sniper’s downloadable Chrome extension you can easily see the current floor price and also the rank of an NFT item. The chrome extension is also used to calculate the value of your portfolio as a user based on floor price.

If you are interested in sniping and have a good amount of ETH for it, this NFT tool will allow you to easily make money with NFTs faster because you will be able to see NFT rankings and you will be able to snipe it from the market way faster than with normal process when you go to OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces.


The above article is a Trait sniper review, it also answers your questions on the queries “Is Trait Sniper legit? and is trait sniper extension safe?. ”

We hope the information on this page will help you make a proper decision on whether to use Trait sniper for your NFT flipping journey or not.

In conclusion, Trait Sniper is a legitimate NFT tool with transparent policies and a website that is safe.

Thank you for having time to read this article about the Trait sniper review to the end. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get updated anytime we drop a new post.

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