Top 100 Unique Essay Topics For College Students In 2023

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Hey,are you a student struggling to find the perfect topic for your essay? this article has the perfect solution. Read on to find out our top 100 unique essay topics for college students in 2023.


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Unique Essay Topics For College Students

Top 100 Unique Essay Topics For College Students In 2023

Here’s a list of the top 100 unique essay topics for college students in 2023 that will help you get started on your journey to success.

#1. Higher Education versus Acquiring Competencies

#2. Entrance exams versus Qualifying exams – What is the significance of entrance exams for admissions to India’s UG and PG programs?


#3. Can online education represent the future of education?

#4. New Education Policy: A Progressive Approach to Diverse Challenges


#5. Labour Legislation Reforms

#6. HRD Ministry is now Education Ministry: Just a name change or something more?



#7. COVID-19: Biodiversity Conservation – Our Answers Are in Nature

#8.  Hyper-globalism is a threat to human prosperity


#9.  Zero emissions of carbon dioxide

#10. Changes in the Earth’s geomagnetic field and their effects

#11. Money Laundering and Illegal Wildlife Trade

#12. Plastic Ban: The Environment versus the Economy

#13. Seed Bombs as a Solution to Human-Animal Conflict

#14. Increasing Pollution in Rivers

#15. Organic Agriculture in India.


#16. Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy

#17. Growing Intolerance in the world


#18. Growing intolerance in the world

#19. Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy

#20. Is defection in Indian politics becoming the norm?

#21. The 75th anniversary of New India

#22. Elimination of Section

#23. Progressive Enhancement of Human Rights Protection

#24. The poor policies of the Modi administration

#25. Controversies surrounding India’s current NDA administration

#26. Relevance of the Supreme Court’s decision to decriminalize the adultery offense outlined in section 497 of the Indian Penal Code 40.

#27. How can India maintain a balance between conflict and trade relations with China?

#28. Too much democracy is detrimental to economic development.

#29. India requires an aggressive and pragmatic neighborhood policy

#30. Today, India requires ‘Harmony in Diversity,’ not ‘Unity in Diversity

#31. Atmanirbhar Bharat

#32. India and SDGs

#33. India’s Neighborhood Policy is number

#34. Compatibility of the Contempt of Court with International Standards

#35. India’s Participation in Central Asian Region

#36. India’s claim to permanent membership in the UNSC

#37. Which of the Presidential and Parliamentary forms of government should India adopt?

#38. India’s deepening malnutrition


#39. India to be the third largest economy in the world by 2028.

#40. Effects of rising inflation on the global economy

#41. How important is money circulation to the economy?

#42. Maximizing Agriculture’s Possibilities in India Is Urgently Required

#43. Inequality can be reduced through the power of the market as opposed to the government.

#44. FDI in the Defense sector

#45. RBI’s strategies to combat inflation in the economy

#46. Non-Performing Assets and Their Influence on the Economy

#47. The New Era of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises

#48. Global Recession and Economic Conditions

#49. India becoming a Renewable Energy Industry Leader

#50. Are mergers the only way to revitalize debt-ridden financial institutions?

#51. One Nation One Ration Card: Necessity and Effects

#52. Cryptocurrency and issues associated with it

#53. Increasing tendencies in privatization

#54. Economic Fugitive Offenders and the Need to Recapture Them

#55. India is the fifth largest economic power in the world.

#56. One nation, one election

#57. What is CAATSA and what are its implications for India?

#58. India’s left-wing politics are growing.

#59. The growth of the GST indicates India’s expansion.

#60. Conformity of the Contempt of Court Statute to International Standards


#61. Russia-Ukraine War and Its Geopolitical Implications

#62. China and its foreign policy, number 58.

#63. “New Quad” and its prospective

#64. US mediation on behalf of Israel in the Eurasia region

#65. One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Policy and India’s Retaliation

#66. Democracy in India’s neighborhood is in its best interest.

#67. The significance of regional trade blocs such as NAFTA, RCEP, etc.

#68. The withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and the repercussions for India

#69. E-Diplomacy

#70. Rising Chinese hegemony in the Indo-Pacific and its effects on India.

#71. UN at 77

#72. The Artemis Program at NASA

#73. India and the Blue dot network


#74. The coronavirus taught us seventy life lessons.

#75. Examine the connection between depression and working from home

#76. Has the family grown during the reign? The advantages, disadvantages, and ugliness of quarantine at home

#77. Is humanity sufficient to manage crises and assist those in need?

#78. Is vegetarianism the way forward for the world?

#79. Happiness is not a rational ideal, but an imaginative one.

#80. Knowledge will grant you power, but the character will earn you respect.

#81. War is the ultimate Cost we must pay for lasting Peace.

#82. Artificial Intelligence Is Not Entirely Malevolent – It Can Also Promote Social Good

#83. Our global situation is characterized by an excess of multilateral challenges and a deficiency of solutions.

#84. Attempting to make unequal things equal is the worst form of inequality.


#85. India requires more missiles or more industries?

#86. Genetically Engineered Crops

#87. National Infrastructure Pipeline

#88. How will the FASTag project improve the logistics and transportation industry?

SOCIAL ISSUES (Society, Gender, Caste)

#89. Indians’ lack of civic consciousness is retarding the nation’s progress.

#90. Feminism

#91. The responsibility of the media is to inform the public, not to manufacture opinions.

#92. Urban exclusion of migrant workers in India is a reality, necessitating immediate, strong policy measures.

#93. Women who desire parity with men lack ambition

#94. Economic Development and Growth are shaped by the societies in which they operate.

#95. Social media constitutes the fourth pillar of democracy.

#96. How does a leader influence the destiny of his nation?

#97. The Scream of Transgenders

#98. Population of Senior Citizens in India

#99. Transparent Taxation – Respect for an Honest Platform

#100. Data Flow Freely with Trust (DFFT)


We hope this list of top 100 unique essay topics for college students in 2023 has given you some great ideas to get started on your writing. you can also check on how to write an application essay for college admission. With careful consideration and thoughtful planning, we’re sure that any one of these topics will make for a compelling read. Best of luck with your essay.


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