Complete List of Visa-Free Countries for Belarus in 2023

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The Belarusian passport positions 113th globally as of January 2023 based on VisaGuide Passport Index. That is to say that the citizens of Belarusian can travel visa-free to 46 countries around the world.


But, to enter other countries, Belarusian passport holders must apply for or request a visa before their travel date.

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Visa-Free Countries for Belarus

Complete List of Visa-Free Countries for Belarus in 2023

The Countries that Belarusian Passport Holders can Travel to Without a Visa?


For visa-free travel, you must still have a valid passport — typically six months after your departure date— and purchase travel health insurance as your destination country requires.

By January 2023, Belarusian passport holders could travel visa-free to 46 countries, nations, and regions. And they are:

    1. Albania
    2. Antigua and Barbuda
    3. Argentina
    4. Oman
    5. Palestine
    6. Panama
    7. Peru
    8. Qatar
    9. Armenia
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Barbados
    12. Macau
    13. Malaysia
    14. Micronesia
    15. Moldova
    16. Mongolia
    17. Montenegro
    18. Namibia
    19. Brazil
    20. China
    21. Cook Islands
    22. Cuba
    23. Dominica
    24. Ecuador
    25. Georgia
    26. Haiti
    27. Hong Kong
    28. Israel
    29. Kazakhstan
    30. Kyrgyzstan
    31. Nicaragua
    32. Niue
    33. Russia
    34.  Serbia
    35. Sri Lanka
    36. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    37. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    38. Tajikistan
    39. Gambia
    40. Türkiye 
    41. Ukraine
    42. United Arab Emirates
    43. Uzbekistan
    44. Vanuatu
    45. Venezuela
    46. Vietnam

The Document Requirements Belarusian Citizens Need to Apply for a Visa

The citizens of Belarusian that wishes to enter the countries or nations that need them to apply for a visa before travel are required to hand in a few documents. Document requirements may differ depending on the nation or country you wish to visit. Though, many countries will undoubtedly require the following:

  • A valid Belarusian passport (including a photocopy). Some countries will need the passport to be valid for more than six months after the day you depart their country.
  • Your filled-out visa application form.
  • Current Passport pictures, not older than six months.
  • Travel health policy must cover your entire period of stay.
  • Proof of paid visa fee.
  • A detailed travel itinerary that displays or demonstrates all the places you wish to visit.
  • A letter of invitation (if required)
  • A proof of booked return ticket for coming back home.
  • A proof of booked accommodation.
  • A proof that you have enough funds to take care of your stay
  • Civil status documents (marriage papers, certificates of birth, and others.)

Note: Your visa will most likely be rejected or forbidden if you have a criminal history.


Application for a Visa 

Below are the steps involved in Belarus visa Application

1. Book an appointment at the visa center in the country (Belarus). 

You should contact a resident visa application center in your country and book an appointment to hand in your application. It might take months to fix or schedule a meeting with the embassy or consulate.

2. Prepare your documents.

To hand in a practical application, you must gather the needed documents for your visa, i.e., passport, application form, health insurance coverage, etc. Some of your documents must be verified and confirmed with an apostille stamp or certified by a foreign office.


3. Hand in your application.

Lastly, please note that if you have a valid visa that permits you to visit more than one country, you do not have to apply for a new visa.

Can Belarus Citizens Enter North Macedonia Visa-Free?

The citizens of Belarus can visit North Macedonia visa-free if they visit the country if their purpose of visiting is tourism (with a tourist group) or an organized travel agency or have a “tourist voucher” — for these reasons, they’re permitted to remain in the country for 90 days within 180 days.

If Belarusians have a valid Schengen visa, they can remain in North Macedonia for 15 days; their visa remains valid.


The Belarus passport status is 67; the number of visa-free destinations available with a Belarus passport is 79. Please be aware that the list of visa-free countries is designed to reflect the number of countries Belarus passport holders can visit without a visa, via a visa on arrival, and the eTA.

In the article above, you will find all of the information and details about Belarus Passport Visa-Free Travel 2023, plus the Belarus visa-free countries reachable with a Belarus passport. 


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