Top 7 Welding Scholarships for Females in United States

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We have compiled a list of Top 7 welding scholarships for females in United States. To find out more about this scholarship kindly read down.


Being a woman in the welding profession is a daring that only the most courageous and focused women take. Welding is one of the most demanding professions, but it can be difficult to survive if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities available to help you advance your career.

Enrolling in one of the specialized institutions for better experience and knowledge is one of the ways you can secure a good future for yourself as a woman in the welding profession. Although this may be costly, the good news is that there are several scholarships you can use to make yourself available for a variety of opportunities.

welding scholarships for females
Credit: Tulsa Welding School

Top 7 welding scholarships for females in United States

The following is a list of scholarships available for women in welding:


1. Welding Near You Scholarships

Welders are in high demand in the labor market because welding is a tactical job. When necessary, they are given a pay raise to encourage them. After considering the importance of education and the difficult road ahead, the sponsoring organization is extending a helping hand.

The scholarship is intended to assist students who are working so hard to build a better future. As a result, they provide them with financial assistance, allowing them to attend the school of their choice. Academic excellence is considered to be an essential requirement, and the funds can be used to cover school expenses.


For more details, click here to apply


2. Skylar Huggett Scholarship for Women in Welding

Skylar Huggett selects the awardee based on the student with the highest (GPA) after the first semester at Savannah Tech.

This is used to purchase welding supplies and equipment. Each year, a scholarship is awarded at the Savannah, Effingham, and Liberty Campuses, where courses on welding are offered. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems is funding the project in collaboration with Savannah Technical College.

Apply by clicking here.


3. Scholarship in memory of Zach Ward

This scholarship is available to students from Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky who want to pursue a degree in a vocational or technical field such as welding. Applicants must be high school seniors about to graduate.

Plumbing, building construction, heavy equipment operator, diesel technology, aviation technology, automotive technology, commercial driver, electrical technology, farming and ag, fire science and technology, HVAC, marine technology, and pipefitting are all trades in addition to welding.

Along with their application, applicants must submit a high school transcript related to the specified topic.

To apply, please click here.

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4. The Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship 

Tulsa Welding School offers a scholarship program for women and female students (TWS). This is one of the welding scholarships for females in United States It is distributed based on the applicants’ financial needs. Students must be enrolled in or have joined a program at any TWS campus. They must also be a US citizen or have a permanent address in the US. The distinction between existing funds and backing eligibility qualified to the straight educational program costs is used to determine financial need. Other requirements and criteria to consider when applying for the scholarship can be found on the website.

Click here to apply

5. Lynne’s Welding Training Scholarship

Lynne’s Welding Training is one of the various scholarship opportunities that are available to you. In order to assist those who might not be able to afford the training, it is done in collaboration with the AWS Foundation.

The scholarship application is open from December 1 through May 2 of the award year in question. Visit the LWT website for further details on the application and requirements.

6. American Welding Society Scholarship 

Another fantastic opportunity to take advantage of is the American Welding Society’s numerous scholarships. This is one of the few organizations that will send your scholarship offer directly to the university where you have been accepted. It will also cover your tuition, books, materials, and other related institutional costs.

How to apply for this scholarship:

 Steps to create a profile:

  • Comply with directives. Create a profile by registering. Use a working email address that you will still be able to access in 18 months.
  • Make an academic profile stating your mission statement and goals for the future.
  • Find out the scholarships you are eligible for based on your region and academic history, then click to submit an application.
  • Prepare your references and any other paperwork required to complete your applications.

7. Air Products Scholarship for women in welding and glasses

For more than 75 years, Air Products has been a well-known global leader in industrial gases. They are responsible for supplying gases and also related equipment to numerous industries, including chemicals, metals, electronics, manufacturing, food, and beverage. In its partnership programs, the organization incorporates a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities.

The scholarship’s main objective is to support the professional advancement of women working in the welding and gas sectors. Female or girl students who are top students and want to start a profession in welding are eligible for the award.

Additionally, you can continue your education by taking engineering courses or programs linked to welding. Apply here by clicking.


  • The applicants must be 18 years old and possess a high school diploma.
  • They must be citizens of the U S and have the desire to enroll in a school located in a particular state.
  • The majority of the applicants should be female students engaged in a two- or four-year degree related to welding.


To advance your career, there are countless scholarship opportunities accessible. Scholarships from the American Welding Society, Lynne’s Welding Training Scholarship, Products Air Scholarship for Women in Welding and Glasses, and others are just a few examples. However, your ability to take advantage of any chance depends heavily on your ability to submit all the necessary materials, such as your cv, essay, and letter of recommendation, as well as meet the deadline.



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