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What Is NFT Sniping? Snipe NFT Meaning


What is NFT sniping
What is NFT sniping
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Did you just stumbled on NFT sniper tools and you want to know what they are, so you keep asking what is NFT sniping?

Well, If you are new to the numerous NFT snipping tools, you will surely search for snipe NFT meaning or ask questions like what is NFT sniping?

This is because not everyone is familiar with this new and trending term in the NFT industry.

However, knowing what is NFT sniping and understanding how it works in the NFT market will help you to successfully earn a lot of profit in your NFT trading or investment.

So in this article, we will explain what is NFT sniping, how it works, and the tools that are used in performing NFT sniping.

What is NFT sniping

Buying an NFT that has the potential of appreciation in the future and selling it higher in price is very difficult in the NFT market, that is why NFT sniping is introduced to make this process a little bit easier.

Then the question is what is NFT sniping?

NFT sniping is the strategy of searching for NFTs that are listed lower than what the actual value should be; either listed low by accident or listed low because the NFT holders have no idea of what the actual value should be, which is always common to newly revealed NFTs.

You can see NFT sniping as when you go in and grab underpriced NFTs before anybody else can.

Also, NFT bid sniping is the act of waiting until the last few seconds of an NFT auction in order to make a winning bid. This strategy is used to prevent other NFT bidders from placing a higher bid before the auction ends.

The major aim of NFT sniping is to buy NFT below the price of its actual value.

NFT sniping is the tactic many NFT investors use to swoop in and buy NFTs at the very first second of their launch with the primary goal of flipping them up to sell them at higher prices when the actual values are well known to the general public.

Sniping is a term borrowed from the military, the term refers to the action of aiming at an enemy from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range, and then shooting at him/her once you are sure of your aiming.

This term only entered the NFT community recently as one of the most desired new features within the crypto community. As the term is newly introduced, people begin to ask for snipe NFT meaning.

What is NFT Sniper

After getting the answer to the question”what is NFT sniping?” the next question that might come to your mind is NFT sniper meaning.

Well, NFT Sniper is any tool that is used in sniping NFTs.

What these tools do is analyze both current and upcoming NFT projects and sniff NFT metadata for a good investment potential on the basis of their rarity score.

Basically,  NFT sniper is a ranking system that helps you find NFTs with the best rarity that is underpriced using artificial intelligence.

The service was introduced into the NFT market just a few months ago and initially helped the founder find some extremely rare NFTs from Cool Cats, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and other drops.

Generally, after an investor sees an NFT, one of the most common questions asked is, “How rare is this NFT?” Eventually, the founders had the realization that many buyers collecting NFTs asked this very question and many had the same desire to buy an underpriced NFT with the goal to sell them high.

After getting a ton of Discord messages from users asking how rare the NFTs they intended to buy were, they decided to create their own NFT Sniper Discord that enables anybody to connect and request for their NFT’s rarity ranking.

It didn’t take long for the founders to see that manually doing the job for everyone was a full-time job. Realizing this, the team began to code their own first NFT Sniper bot.


This article explains what NFT sniping and also snipe NFT meaning and we hope it answers your question about NFT snipping.

Bear in mind that if you are less experienced in the NFT, the best option is to use any of the available NFT snipers out there. The most recommended of them that will really change your sniping game is Trait Sniper.

Whichever NFT sniping tool works best for you, the primary goal is to buy underpriced NFTs as soon as they are revealed and then flip them up to sell them at higher prices when the actual values are well known to the general public.

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