How to Write an Application Essay for College Admission (A complete guide)

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One key factor in getting accepted to college is your application essay, which is why you must make sure it stands out from the crowd. We will provide a complete guide on how to write an application essay that will surely get you noticed by the admissions board.


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Write an Application Essay for College Admission

Purpose of College Admissions Essays

A well-written and impactful college admissions essay can make all the difference in whether or not your application is accepted. When the admissions committee decides between you and another applicant with comparable credentials, a vital essay can tip the scales in your favor.

In your college admissions essay, you can show off your personality and show that you are fit for the college you’re applying to. Your essay, in addition to demonstrating your writing abilities, allows your voice to shine through your application. It demonstrates your dedication to learning and eagerness to contribute to the community of your ideal school.


How to Write an Application Essay for College Admission

Your college admissions essay reflects your thinking and personality; it should be as distinct as you are. Instead of writing a bland, generic essay, write one that is authentic to you and will captivate the reader. Here are some pointers to help you stand out in your college admissions essay.

Your First Paragraph Should Grab the Reader’s Attention

The beginning of your college admission essay might be the most crucial part because it sets the tone for the rest of the essay. If your introduction is well-written, it will persuade the admissions committee to keep reading the rest of your essay. Keep in mind that first impressions count. Here are some ways to start your college essay that will grab the reader’s attention:

  • Ask a question that will make people think.
  • Start with a strong claim.
  • Use an exciting or well-known quote.
  • Challenge the reader as if you were talking to them one-on-one.
  • Start with a one-word sentence, which, if done well, could pique the reader’s interest.
  • Be yourself, not a copy.

You’ve probably read a news story at some point in your life. You’ll notice that the writer’s voice gets lost behind the facts, so you don’t know who wrote the piece. You should do the opposite when writing your college admissions essay. You don’t want to be like the thousands of other applicants who don’t stand out.

Instead, you want the admissions officer to say, “A real person wrote this with feelings and depth.” Being vulnerable and putting your personality into your essay is a great way to do this. Be honest and personable, and stay true to your authentic voice.


Be Exciting – Don’t Be Boring

Trying to act like you know everything is not only tiring but it is also a big turnoff for college admissions. To stand out, you must be different. Write like you are a person with a strong mind. Use beautiful yet casual language. Use words that show how you feel. Bring life to your paper.

Make Your Essay Beautiful


Your essay should be beautiful in style and in what it says. Use a font that looks good, is easy to read, and is professional. Instead of putting all your main points in the first paragraph, spread them throughout the essay.

Use comfortable margins and say the question and your answer in the first paragraph. Use the same spacing, indentation, spelling, and punctuation every time. Make sure to follow the essay’s rules for citing sources (MLA, Chicago style, APA, etc.)

Approach the Essay Prompt From a Different Point of View

One way to make your essay stand out is to look at things from a different point of view. Do not be afraid to answer your essay question unusually or unexpectedly.

What do you want to study at the college of your dreams? One way to do this is to leave a little question mark by not answering the prompt immediately. Try to keep the reader interested until the big reveal at the end. You can say that in the last sentence of your essay after you’ve dropped hints about your subject.

You could talk about how you grew up in your native society. Talk about the good and bad things that happened to you, the friends you made, the help you got, and how it helped you grow. You can talk about how you’ve always been interested in people and how you want to study social sciences at the end.

How to Structure a College Admissions Essay

A college admissions essay doesn’t have to be written in the standard English format, which has five paragraphs, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. But specific requirements might be different from one college to the next. Here, we’ll explain how a typical essay for getting into college should be set up.


College admissions essays usually do not require a title. Some students, however, choose to include a title because it’s the first thing the admissions committee will read. It gives them another chance to grab attention, show their personality, and reframe their essays. A title is not required at all. If you do decide to add a title, here are some things to keep in mind:

Make sure your title is intriguing. It could be funny, a play on words, or it could tell about a time in your life. Making sure your title is interesting is an excellent way to get your reader’s attention and get them excited to read the rest of your essay. Don’t use vague words in your title to keep the reader interested. If you can’t come up with an exciting title, you might want to send in your essay without one. You don’t want your title to distract from what you’ve written.

Number of Paragraphs

Unless it says otherwise in the college application requirements, you can choose how many paragraphs to use. Some essays have four paragraphs, while others have eight. But your essay, like all the other essays you’ve written and will write in college, will need a beginning and an end. It has to stay under the word limit, which we’ll discuss next.

Essay Templates

When writing your college admission essay, you can’t just use a template that works for everyone. You can, however, use basic structures that work for any prompt when writing your essay. It’s a good thing because it teaches you how to style the prompt the way you want while telling your story the way you want.

How Long Should a College Admissions Essay Be? 

Instead of setting a limit on the number of pages, colleges give applicants a word limit for their admission essays. Colleges do this so that all the admissions essays they get are the same length, no matter what format or font type they are in. If the school you want to go to doesn’t say how long your essay should be, you can email the admissions committee before you start writing.

Even though your essay might be close, it shouldn’t be too long. If an essay needs 600 words, keep it between 550 and 580. If you are given a range, you must always stay within that range. If you don’t want to go over the word limit, it’s a good idea to try to cut out about 50 words if you can.

If you have to copy and paste your essay into your application instead of uploading it, the formatting might get messed up and a few words at the end might get cut off. You can go over the limit by one to three words if necessary. Colleges will let you do that, but you must be sure it is correct.

Remember that the admissions office will stop reading your essay after a certain point if you exceed the limit in a pronounced way. This is not good for you. The word limit is like a small test for applicants. It is essential to follow the school’s rules, and they want to see who can make the best impression while following their rules and guidelines.

College admission essays don’t always have a certain number of words. It can be hard to know how long your prompt should be, but they may include extra things like a sample of your writing from one of your classes. Colleges can give you a general outline for writing samples, usually four to five pages showing how well you can write and analyze. It’s not a good idea to give a sample longer than ten pages.


After reading this article, you should be able to write an application essay for college admission.The essay should be personal and unique, and it should reflect your personality and values. Before you start writing, make sure you understand the prompt and the message you want to communicate. Once you have a draft, revise and edit your essay to ensure that it is clear and concise.


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